Douglas Park Back To School Plans


new logo circleDouglas Park Return to School 2020 -2021



1.Hand Washing –All students will encouraged to wash their hands regularly. Soap

and paper towels will be supplied in all classrooms.

2. Hand Sanitizer – Bottles of hand sanitizer will be provided to teachers for use in the

classroom. As students come in, teachers will stand at the entrance of the classroom

and provide an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer to each student. During

instructional rotations, hand sanitizer will be used after each rotation (as students

move to their next task). Hand sanitizer will also be available in staff shared spaces

such as the prep room.

3. Mandatory Mask Usage – All staff and students (and any visitor) must wear a mask

in our building (of course, if you are alone in your classroom, different story).

Classroom teachers, please instruct and help students on proper mask usage. Videos

and posters will be available to help. Reusable masks will be provided to all students

and staff.

4. Preventative Measures – Many of the proper hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing

etiquette will need to be directly taught in the classroom. For primary grades, social

stories will be created. Signage reminders will be placed in each classroom.

5. Staff Respect and Personal Responsibility

Staff will:

  • Take all reasonable actions to ensure their own safety and that of their


Self-monitor for symptoms and use the online Saskatchewan COVID-19 Self- Assessment Tool.

  • Not attend work when they are symptomatic or required to self-isolate.
  • Follow guidelines for building traffic flow, social distancing, personal hygiene
  • and deploy alternative ways of doing business that reduce risks such as using
  • electronic communication.
  •  Regularly wipe down their personal work spaces (desktops, keyboards,
  • laptops, etc.) using Division-supplied disinfecting wipes or spray.
  •  Stay home if they are displaying COIVD-19 like symptoms. Staff with
  • symptoms will not be required to enter the school when sick to create plans
  • for substitute teachers. ** It is the teacher’s responsibility to email plans to
  • admin if daybook was not completed prior to leaving the day before or if
  • additional plans are required. It is recommended for teachers to have 2-3 days
  • of full lesson plans created in advance and available in their classroom.
  •  Share suggestions or concerns directly with their supervisor and/or with the
  • OHS Committee.


6. Staff Illness – If you are feeling ill do not enter the building, even to get things ready

for a sub. Your day plans should be done at least 3 days in advance and left in your

classroom. A monthly outline of what you are covering should be submitted to

Angela at the beginning of every month, just in case you are self-isolating and can’t

get into the school. This does not have to be extensive, but just the basics – we are

reading this novel, we are on this unit in Math, etc.

7. PPE Availability for Staff –



Division Fall 2020 Re-Opening Plan page 5-6


Amount supplied to schools

Teacher reusable masks

1 per staff member

Student reusable masks

1 per student

Disposable masks

Available through school office

Face Shields

1 per staff member

Disposable Gloves

Available through school office

Hand sanitizer

1 bottle/room

Disinfectant Spray (vital oxide)

1 spray bottle/room

Plexiglass screens

4-5/school initially and then as required

No contact thermometer

1 per school


Limiting Physical Contact

  • 1. Minimizing Physical Contact –

Social stories will be created to discuss physical contact and physical distancing. Story times in primary classrooms will be done with “spots” for each child so that

children are separated.


In primary classrooms, playtime will be spread out as much as possible and the

number of children at each station will be minimized. Ensure teaching and learning will be front-facing.

2. Gatherings/Parent Meetings – All gatherings, including assemblies, are cancelled.

All meetings with parents or caregivers need to be done by phone or digitally.


3. Seating Plans – A written seating plan must be developed for each classroom.  A

copy of this seating chart must be given to the office and one copy must be kept in

the classroom.

4. Entering the Building (Guest and Visitors) – Guests, Visitor, Volunteers, Speakers

(unless they are employed by Regina Public Schools) will not be entering our building.

This includes, but is not limited to deliveries, food delivery (no food can be delivered

to the school or school grounds). Signage will be on the front door of the school

advising that we are not allowing visitors and that anyone who is feeling unwell

should not enter the building at all. If a guest or visitor absolutely must come in, they

will be required to sanitize their hands, wear a mask, and check in at the office.

5. Entering the Building (Students)

Line-ups for each class will be at designated entrance doors in order to physically distance the students. Lines and X’s will be painted on the playground and staff will teach students which line to be in and how to stay separate from one another in the line.

Only 1 class will be brought through the door at a time and the next class will not enter until the previous class is completely out of the boot room.

Classes will use their designated LC bootroom doors.

6. Exiting the Building (Gr. K-8) – At the end of the day, each teacher will line up their

students and walk them out to the playground. Staggering of exit times will need to

take place as we do not want more than one classroom exiting the school through a set of doors. Once on the playground they will be dismissed. Mask collection should be done outside at dismissal time.

7. Entering/Exiting the Building (Pre-K Students) – Families will be encouraged to

only send one person to drop-off/pick up their pre-K children. Drop-off and pick-up

will take place by the Pre-K entrance. Parents will not be allowed in the building.


8. Entering/Exiting the Building (K Students) - Families will be encouraged to only

send one person to drop-off/pick up their K children. Drop-off will take place by the Kindergarten doors.

Pick-up will take place in a designated spot just outside the Kindergarten doors. No pick-ups inside the building will be allowed.

9. End of the Day Procedures – Any student left on the playground/waiting for a cab, at

the end of the day will need to stay outside. A supervisor will be assigned to

supervise these students.

10. Grouping of Students – Students will only interact with students in their own

classroom and will stay in their own classroom throughout the school day. All “extra”

areas of the school are closed – gym, library, Arts Ed. Etc. We will work to

minimize the number of educational assistants and teachers that interact with each

classroom of students. Learning buddies will be cancelled for the fall.

11. Specialist Teachers – Specialist teachers will go into the homeroom classrooms

instead of the students transitioning to another space. Physical Education can take

place outside or in the homeroom classroom, but not in the gym or other school


12. Body Breaks – Only 2 classrooms at a time can be on an outdoor body break at a

time. Remember that body breaks should be short as they are during instruction

time. Please buzz the office before going out.

13. Classroom Modifications – Tables and desks should be arranged to allow for as much

physical distancing as possible. Chairs may need to be removed to encourage

physical distancing in some situations. All “soft” items must be removed – this

includes rugs, stuffed animals, anything made of fabric.

14. Office Procedures –Plexiglass will be around the administrative assistant’s desk in

the office.

Students who are late and need to go to the office, will need to line up outside the

office door and wait to be called in, one at a time. There will be physical distancing markers every 2 meters.


Signage is up and administration will help to ensure these procedures are being

learned and followed. To minimize contact in the office area, no one, besides the admin. assistant,

should be behind the main desk. This space is a no contact area – including the phone.

15. Access to School Building – All staff should exit the building by 5 p.m. and not return

to the school in evenings or on weekends, except when absolutely necessary. This is

to ensure our school is disinfected and ready every morning.

16. Lunch – Students will stay in their own classroom for lunchroom. Hand washing will

be completed before lunch, in each individual classroom.

17. Recess Procedures –Students will be walked from their lunchroom, right out the

door and onto the playground. All students will wash their hands once back into the school.


Limiting Shared Materials and Equipment

1. Materials Into the School – If students bring bags into the school, they must be

placed directly into their locker. If necessary to share lockers, please only send a

couple of students to the lockers to collect belongings at a time to minimize

congestion at the locker area.

2. Student Manipulatives – Some “toys” are necessary in teaching and learning. When

possible, manipulatives will be individualized and labelled so that they are the only

child touching them (playdoh for instance). Any toys/manipulatives that are not

easily cleanable, will be put into storage for now. Staff will be asked to assess their

resources before the start of the year and determine which manipulatives need to be

stored away.

3. School Supplies – Please ensure students are not sharing supplies – this includes

markers, pencils, scissors, etc. All of these items need to be labeled with each

individual child’s name.

4. Technology – All computers/IPads will need to be wiped down after each use.

Disinfecting wipes will be made available in every classroom. At the end of every day,

computers and Ipads need to be shut off so that disinfecting of classrooms does not harm them.


5. Physical Education – Physical education will be done outside, when possible, and will

involve more individual activities that allow students to physically distance

themselves from others. The gym is closed.

6. Playground – Basketballs, footballs and soccer balls will be provided and then senior

students will be assigned to disinfect the balls after the recess period.

7. Library Books – Leanne will  be making buckets of library books available to

your classroom. These books will be delivered to your room and should stay in there

for several weeks before sending them back to Leanne.

8. Textbooks/Guided Reading Books – There are circumstances where multiple

students need to use a book on the same day. During these times, teachers will have

students use hand-sanitizer before handing the book and after.


1. On Pause for now. This includes all clubs, teams, sports, field trips, outings. This is

standard for all Regina Public.


1. One Hand Sanitizing Station is located at the Front Entrance.

2. Soap and paper towels provided in every classroom. Hand sanitizer available in

every classroom (to use with supervision from staff member), office, and shared use


3. Signage – Signage will be posted at all entrances reminding parents and guardians

not to enter if they are sick and asking people to avoid entering the school if possible.

Signage will be posted outside of office for office procedures. Signage will be posted

in hallways reminding people to physically distance while in hallways.

4. Washroom Usage – To limit the amount of students in the washroom at one time,

classroom teachers will be asked to only allow 1 student out of their classroom at a

time. Kindergarten and Pre-K classrooms have their own washroom.





5. Washroom Disinfecting – In all Regina Public Schools, washrooms will be closed

from 10-10:30 a.m. and again from 1:15 – 1:45 p.m. to perform a disinfecting


Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines

1. Disinfecting Procedure for Regina Public Schools – Vigorous cleaning procedures

have been developed for Regina Public Schools. We are using a product called Vital

Oxide. This is a Salt-based cleaning solution for spray bottles and misting machines.

Disinfecting of entire school will happen each evening. This product is safe for

technology, papers, toys, etc. and disinfects after 10 minutes of drying time on

surfaces. Once a room has been disinfected, the room will be closed and signage will

be put on the door to indicate that the room is clean. These doors should not be

opened again until morning.

2. Head Facilities Officer will maintain cleaning protocols laid out by the division

including increased disinfecting of door handles, light switches and all shared areas;

cleaning of water fountains; emptying of garbage bins.

3. General Staff - Disinfectant wipes will be available in every classroom to wipe down

items/objects between each use. Disposable gloves will be available in every

classroom for teacher use.

4. Staff Spaces – Guidelines for cleaning after use of prep room/photocopiers/staff

room spaces will be posted. In the staff room, shared food cannot be brought in.

Staff are discouraged from congregating in the staff room or other areas of the

school in groups.

Guidelines for Illness in Care

1. Isolation Area for COVID-19 Symptoms - A space will be created in the Meeting room

for students who are feeling ill. Masks, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer will all be

made available. Any staff member helping an ill student will need to put on a mask

and wear gloves (washing hands before and after putting on gloves). One staff

member will be assigned to supervise the student until they have been picked up.

This space will be disinfected after each use.

2. COVID-19 Symptoms - All parents, guardians, students and staff who are confirmed

to be COVID-19 positive and/or under mandatory self-isolation must not enter the

school. Instead, they must stay home and self-isolate. Students and staff can return

to school once they are cleared by public health. Tammy will report any suspected

cases to public health officials.

Water Fountains

1. Water – All water fountains in Regina Public will be shut off. Water for

drinking can be accessed through our bottle filler outside the gym and by the staircase.


Mental Health and Social-Emotional Supports

1.  Wellness Wednesdays – encouraging healthy behaviours and habits


2. Staff will focus on creating a culture in the school that is inclusive and


Return to School Procedures

  • Regina Public Schools is instituting a staggered start for students. On Tuesday,

September 8th and Thursday, September 10th, students with a last name that starts

with A-K will return to school. On Wednesday, September 9th and Friday, September

11th, students with a last name that starts with L-Z will return to school. On Monday,

September 14th, all students will return full time.

  • Pre-Kindergarten staggered start is still to be determined by the division.
  • Registrations – at the beginning of the school year we see many in-person

registrations. This year, a registration table will be set-up outside. Families will not be

permitted into the school. In the case of incremental weather, registration will be set

up in the gym using the west doors.

Safety is a priority above all else.

This plan will be updated as required by merging health risk assessments.