New Transportation Protocols


Information for Parents/Guardians of Students who are transported by school bus


Regina Public Schools is working hard to keep all our students safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We have already had several schools that have had students or staff who have had tested positive for COVID-19. These cases impact schools, classrooms and school bus transportation.


In every case, Saskatchewan Heath Authority (SHA), will conduct contact tracing to determine which students may be close contacts. A “close contact” is someone who has been within two meters (six feet) for more than 15 minutes.


For all our school buses, the SHA requires school bus seating plan information. Regina Public Schools Transportation Services creates these seating plans and posts them on every bus. Your child/ren’s school bus driver will tell all students where they must sit on their school bus.


For the safety of all students and staff, it is very important that these seating plans be correct and that students are sitting the proper seats at all time. Please speak to your child/ren about the importance of the seating plan as it relates to their safety and SHA contact tracing.

These seating plans will be updated whenever there is a change in students riding the bus.


What your child/ren can expect when they ride the school bus:

  • School bus drivers will check that students are in the correct seats.
  • Playground supervisors responsible for school bus loading will board the bus to ensure students are in the correct seats.
  • On Tuesday, October 20th, the school principal or vice-principal will get on every bus to speak to the students about the importance of seating plans, their safety and contact tracing.
  • Please be aware: only students assigned to specific bus routes will be allowed to access a school bus.
  • To ensure that we can support proper contact tracing:
    • If your child/ren is late for a bus route, they can no longer use a different bus and parents/guardians will be responsible for transportation that morning.
    • If your child/ren is late leaving the school in the afternoon and miss their designated bus, parents/guardians will be contacted to pick them up.
    • Students will no longer be permitted to go home with a friend on the school bus. Parents/guardians who would like to have their child/ren go home with another should make pick-up arrangements and inform Transportation Services.
  • Thank you in advance for helping us ensure that we can keep our students, our staff and our school communities safe!


Tammy Duke

Principal – Douglas Park School