Speed Stacking

Speed Stacking at Douglas Park School

Our Speed Stacking Club at Douglas Park School is off to a great start! We are working toward the tournament on Thursday, April 4th at Sheldon Williams Collegiate. Mark your calendar and plan to join the fun! There will be a canteen available all evening with a variety of food and snacks. The tournament will begin at 4:00 and all students will be required to find their own transportation to and from the event. The tournament runs between 4:00- 7:15 and each student will be participating in a different time bracket in which they are required to be there for if they wish to compete in the Head to Head competition. (This is optional and is where they compete against other students from other schools in their age bracket.) The rest of the tournament will begin at 4:00 and the students will compete 3 times for each type of stacking challenge to beat their own personal time. (This can be completed within 1-2 hours of arriving) We will have further information regarding your child’s time bracket the day of the competition. We look forward to your involvement in the event. Come out and show your support!  For more information, see the Speed Stacking coaches.  

Mrs. Yuhasz, Mrs. Cutting & Mrs. Carr

Email- danielle.yuhasz@rbe.sk.ca