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December 12th and 13th candy cane sales. Candy canes will cost $0.50 each and will be pre-ordered on the 12th and 13th and delivered on December 19th.

Treasure Sale on Dec.17 in PM for Kindergarten B and Dec.18 all day for Kindergarten A to grade 8.

Coloring Contest on Dec. 19 for LC1.

Christmas Treats in a Jar Guessing Game on Dec.19th.  Each student will get one complimentary guess.  Additional tickets will be sold in LC2 on the PM recess of December 19th.

Winter Formal Dance for grades 6-8 on December 20 from 6:00 - 8:00PM.

Winter Formal

Douglas Park Activity Council is hosting the first ever

Winter Formal!

Who? All grade six, seven and eight students of Douglas Park School are invited to attend.

When? Thursday, December 20th

Schools cancelled due to power outage

Due to the extended power failure in the City of Regina, we will be closing a number of our schools.

Parents must pick up their students or give permission to the schools to release them.

Schools will remain open for students who cannot go home.

The following is a list of schools that will be closed for classes at 11:45 am, if you do not see your school name classes continue today.

Please check with local media and Twitter for more details