Picture Day!!

School Photos:

Wednesday, September 16th: Kindergarten A -Grade 4/5

Thursday, September 17th: Kindergarten B/Grade 5/6 - 8

Retake Day: October 27th 

There will not be any classroom photos taken this year.

New Bell Schedule

New for 2020-2021, all elementary schools will be following adjusted recesses.  This means that the morning recess will be from 8:53 to 9:08AM and the afternoon recess will be from 3:22 to 3:37PM.  Students should arrive as close to 9:08 as possible.These times will have adult supervision on the playgrounds.

Lunch Hour will be 11:45 - 12:45PM.

Teachers will be providing morning and afternoon breaks for their classes during the instructional day as needed.  Individual classes on the playground will reduce crowding and may help students stay safe!

Return to School Handbook

September 1, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools families can now read most details about returning to school in one document. The Return to School Parent/Caregiver Handbook includes all the information school families may need to know about school in September and beyond.

The handbook includes:

- Safety precaution details and what the schools and learning will be like in the coming school year

- Transportation

- Curriculum, instruction and assessment for Kindergarten to Grade 12