Douglas Park Family Halloween Dance

As part of a grade 8 fundraising effort, all students and families are invited to the Halloween costume Dance on Tuesday, October 29th from 6:00 -8:00 PM in the gym.  Students can only attend with their parents/guardians.  Admission cost to the dance is $5.00 per family (payable at the door and there is no restriction on the number of family members).  A canteen will be available with chips, drinks, assorted candy and Pizza.  

There will be a note going home with youngest and only on Friday, October 11.



Donations Needed!

The school is asking if anyone has any extra flag football belts that we would love for you to donate them to the school.  Also, we need bird seed to fill our feeders around the school.  If you are able to help please send the items to Mrs. Putz. Thanks!