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School Community Council

Welcome to the Douglas Park School Community Council Page

Next Meeting - APRIL 5, 2017 @ 6:30PM


Arts & Culture Talent Show - April 12th

The SCC is excited to host the Arts & Culture Talent Show on April 12th at 6:30pm in the school gym.  The Talent Show is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the Arts and the many Cultures represented at Douglas Park School.  Admission is free, and ALL students and staff are welcome to perform!  

Performances might include dancing (cultural, contemporary, etc.), playing an instrument, reading your own poetry or short story, performing a short skit, or another talent.  Students and staff can also display works of art they've created.

Students/staff are welcome to perform individually or in groups.  Performances will take place on the gym stage, and all must be family appropriate.  No inappropriate language is allowed (e.g., in accompanying music).

Performers need to hand in their sign-up forms to the school by April 5th to be included in the Talent Show.  Sign-up forms were sent home to students in March.  If you need another copy, see the attachment section below.

All performers will be entered to win a DOOR PRIZE!!  Door prizes will be drawn at the Talent Show.

Special performances by ROAR and the DPS Student Band.

The stage is waiting for you.  SIGN UP TODAY!  


Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Fundraiser - March 20th to 31st

The Douglas Park SCC has joined up with the Dairy Queen on Truesdale Drive East (this location only) to hold a fantastic fundraiser.  For every cake you sell, DPS receives $10, regardless of the size of the cake.  You can purchase for yourself and sell to family, friends, coworkers, etc.

The fundraiser is simple.  If you don't need a cake right now but know you have a birthday, anniversary, party, or other special event coming up, you can pre-purchase any size of cake (including 8", 10", or a sheet cake) and pick it up when you need it.  Send your order form and payment back to the school and the SCC will do all the work of ordering and purchasing the cards for you.  All you need to do is pick up your DQ gift cards from the school on the dates set out below.  (Please note that order forms and payment need to be submitted to the school by March 31st.)

Gift card pickup will take place just outside the school office on the following dates:

  • April 10th and 12th:  from 8:30am to 9:30am
  • April 11th and 13th:  from 3:15pm to 4:15pm

The classrooms (one in each Learning Community) that sell the highest number of gift cards will win an ice cream cake as a class treat. 

Thanks for supporting our school!


2017 Read-a-Thon Results

Coming soon


Staff Appreciation Events

Thanks to all the DPS families who showed their appreciation to school staff during staff appreciation week and for the staff lunch on March 16th!  Special thanks to the Coady family with Mary Browns Chicken who provided the lunch for staff and to the parents who provided desserts!


Mabel's Labels Fundraiser

Ever have a tough time tracking down your kids’ stuff?  Mabel’s Labels is the perfect way to be organized all school year.  They offer a wide selection of waterproof name labels and tags that are perfect for notebooks, school supplies, lunch gear, backpacks, and so much more.  These personalized labels are the best way to keep your belongings out of the lost and found.  Plus, they’re guaranteed to stay on in the wash and dishwasher, and are microwave safe.

(Order information coming soon.)


What's the SCC About?

First and foremost, the Douglas Park SCC is focused on enhancing student learning and well-being.  We provide funding to the school to support students' learning goals and opportunities.  We also act as a liaison between the school and DPS families.  We've brainstormed some areas of focus for 2016-17 and these are:

  • education / student learning
  • safety
  • community
  • values
  • school spirit

We'll also be doing some fundraising to support our staff and provide our students with learning and growth opportunities.  Some of the items / events we've sponsored include Mathletics accounts for students in Learning Communities 1 to 3, funding support for teachers (e.g., supplies for terrariums and dream catchers, etc.), field trips, literacy materials, and many others.


Next SCC Meeting:  April 5, 2017 @ 6:30pm

The SCC meets in the Learning Commons or in the staff room at the school.  All parents are welcome!


2016-17 SCC Executive
Chair:  Laura Bennett
Treasurer:  Jackie Schlamp
Secretary:  Bobbie-Jo Wiebe
Members at large:  Tania Bird, Jillian Coady, Toni Wilkie


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