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Douglas Park School Announcements

Monday, September 26th Day 2

-Safety Patrol Team 1 starts today on 20th Avenue

-Cross-country running practice at noon

-Girls volleyball practiced at 3:45-5:00

-DPAC Committee meeting at 2:15

-Egg Drop at 12:45 (Postponed from Friday)

-We encourage all students to enter this week's School Webpage Contest which is due on Friday, Sept. 30th.  On a piece of paper, please put your name and answer this statement:  "I think reading is important because..." Put your entry in the red bucket at the office.

Tuesday, September 27th Day 3:

-Boys volleyball practice at 3:45-5:00

-Grades 7/8 full band at Balfour Collegiate in PM

-TCBY sales for LC1 at noon $3.00 each

-Grades 6-8 Intramurals at noon

Wednesday, September 28th Day 4:

-TCBY sales for LC2 at noon $3.00 each

-Girls Volleyball home game

-Boys volleyball practice at 7:30 AM

-Ms. Ochitwa’s Grade 5 class on an all-day field trip

-Grades 6-8 Intramurals at noon

-Cross-country running final meet at the Douglas Park Track at 4:30 PM for our qualifiers… Good luck to our participants & coaches!

Thursday, September 29th Day 5:

Today is the National Terry Fox School Walk Day.  We are hosting “Toonies for Terry.” Everyone is encouraged to donate $2.00

-TCBY sales for LC3 at noon $3.00 each

-Students in the DC Program are swimming in the PM

-Terry Fox School Walk Day at 2:30 PM

-Grades 6-8 Intramurals at noon

-Choir at noon for students in Grades 5-8

-FCC Donation bags are coming home today

Friday, September 30th Day 1:

-DPAC Leadership meeting at 8 AM

-Orange Shirt Day assembly at 10:45 AM

-Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals here all day

-Grade 4/Mrs. Degelman’s class is on an all-day field trip

-School Web Page Contest entries are due at the office.

Next week…

Oct. 3rd:  PreK Family Day; FCC Food donations to start   

Oct. 4th:  Boys Volleyball game here vs. Ethel Milliken  

Oct. 5th:  Boys volleyball practice at 7:30 AM; Grade 8’s start PAA 9:00 -11:45 AM at CRP every day until Oct. 20th inclusively; we are hosting a boys volleyball tournament here at DP  

Oct. 6th:  Students in the DC program are swimming in the PM 

Oct. 7th:  Professional Development Day – no school for students  

Oct. 10th:  Happy Thanksgiving – no school for students and staff.

Empowering Healthy Youth Symposium

Coming together as a community for our youth... Parents/caregivers and RPS staff are all welcome!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

6:30-8:45 PM

Campus Regina Public (1069 14th Avenue E.)

Topics: Healthy Youth Relationships, Digital Citizenship/Cyber Bullying, Parents/Kids and Drugs, Beyond the Hurt:  Healthy Relationships for younger students

Presented by Regina Public Schools, Regina City Police, Canadian Red Cross and Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region

Universal Lunchroom Program 2016-17: Information for Families

Background Information

On December 14, 2015, the Regina Public Schools Board of Trustees approved a plan for universal lunchroom supervision.

[From 2008 to present], anecdotally schools have reported a substantial increased workload associated with organizing and maintaining the free lunch hour supervision program. Additionally, schools have reported an increase of pressure on school staffs. Finally, the associated costs with funding a free universal elementary lunch hour supervision program have increased.

(Review of Universal Lunchroom Supervision Program and Implementation Plan for the 2016-17 School Year, December 2015)

Implementation Plan

  1. Parents of all Grades 1 to 8 students staying at noon who do not qualify for transportation by the division will be required to pay a registration fee at the beginning of the school year.
  1. Parents of Grades 1 to 8 students whose child will stay at noon must complete a lunchroom registration form for each child who will be using the lunchroom services of the school.
  1. Parents will identify the following:
    1. Transported or qualify for transportation by the school division (bus/cab), or
    2. Not transported by the school division, full-time usage of lunchroom, or
    3. Not transported by the school division, part-time usage of lunchroom.
  1. Full-time is defined as 51% or more usage; part-time is defined as 50% or less usage.
  1. In the event that a student is not transported or does not qualify for transportation by the school division, the fee rate will be as follows:
    1. Full-time - $100 per year per child
    2. Part-time - $50 per year per child
  1. Students registered at a Regina Public school after January 31st, will pay the pro-rated rate of $50/$25 per child for that school year.
  1. Fees will be paid one time through the school office. A receipt of payment of noon-hour supervision fees will be provided to parents. Parents will be encouraged to pay in full at the beginning of the school year. To support families who may have financial need, there is the option of splitting the payments, half in September and half in February.
  1. If a family moves from one Regina Public school to another, the fee is transferable but is non-refundable.
  1. Where there is financial need, families may contact their school principal.
  1. The maximum paid by one family to supervise all of their children will be $200.  This applies to both full-time and part-time usage, as well as registrations after Jan. 31st.
  1. For further information, please contact your school principal.

Before and After School Program

Dear Parents/Guardians of the Before and After School Program,

Thank you for your continued use of our Before and After School Program operated at Douglas Park School.  We trust you have found this program to be beneficial to your child's development, convenient for your family schedule and provided at a reasonable cost.

In order to ensure the continued viability of the programs, the CommunityAssociation will be raising the program rates effective August 2016.  We will be taking our program in a new direction in the fall and with the closure of our program at St. Andrews, we need to make up for our losses in order to keep our program running.

Starting August 2016, the fees will e $190 for the first child and $140 for each additional child (up to three children in attendance). To ensure you have a spot in the fall, please submit your postdated cheques to Deborah by the end of the school year.

Although we understand such increases provide additional strain on family budgets, such increases are necessary for the continued provision of this program. We feel our programming; even with this increase is still offered at a substantially lower cost than comparable programs in Regina.

We WILL be taking new names on our wait list this coming fall, the easiest way for parents to do that is by emailing us at

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Boot Hill Community Association at and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Our kindest regards,

Boot Hill Community Association

Kindergarten Registrations for Fall 2016

Children who will be 5 years of age by December 31st, 2016 and live in the Douglas Park School boundaries (please see the RBE website for boundary changes: are eligible to attend Kindergarten in September 2016. Please call the School board office at 306-523-3000 or stop by to get a registration package.


School Hours

8:38 AM -  supervision is provided (students will be outdoors weather permitting)

8:53 AM - Morning classes begin

10:30 AM - Morning recess - supervised (students will be outdoors weather permitting)

11:45 AM to 12:30 PM - Lunch hour - supervised if students stay at the school for lunch

12:30 PM - Lunch recess - supervised (students will be outdoors weather permitting)

12:45 PM - Afternoon classes begin

2:15 PM - Afternoon recess - supervised (students will be outdoors weather permitting)

3:37 PM - Dismissal for the day

Student Registration

If you wish to register your child, please visit this Regina Public Schools link:

Print and fill out the appropriate forms.  Then take the forms to the area elementary school OR deliver it to the Regina Public Schools Division Office at 1600 - 4th Avenue.

School Community Council (SCC)

Thank you to the many parents who  have joined the Douglas Park School Community Council (SCC). Our next meeting is on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the staff room.  Please note the change in date from Sept. 21st to the 22nd. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

School Calendars

Please follow the Calendars link to Regina Public Schools webpage for more information on the current and upcoming school year's calendar.


Transportation of Students in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Transportation NEW Procedures

Regina Public Schools transportation has  implemented a new cold weather procedure effective in the 2014-2015 school year.

If the wind chill is –45C or higher at 7:00 a.m., all student transportation will be cancelled.

If the wind chill is –40C or higher at 7:00 a.m., transportation for students requiring vehicles equipped with lifts (for students in wheelchairs) will be cancelled.

All schools will remain open, unless otherwise notified.

In the event of any cold weather/wind chill cancellations, parents will be notified by school connects telephone or text notification system.

In the event of a transportation system-wide transportation cancellation or school closure due to weather, all local Regina TV, newspaper and radio outlets will broadcast this information both on the web and on the air.

Information will also be tweeted by @RegPublicSchool, and announced at in the Important Announcement section.

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