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Parent Portal on PowerSchool

The Parent Portal is a web based interactive way to communicate with a student’s school.

With Parent Portal you will be able to:

1. See Attendance

  • Live attendance the moment the teachers enter it

2. Check Grades

  • View current marks in your student's classes

3. Email Notification

  • Automatic email reports that are specific to your wants

4. Emailing Teachers

  • Now emailing teachers is as simple as clicking their name


*In September, please come to the office to get your access code and password if you do not have one assigned to you.

If you have already received your access code and password click the link to access the ParentPortal login page:

Litterless Lunch

Please help to make our school a cleaner and more environmentally responsible place by supporting our litterless lunch initiative.

Students should take home all recyclables and garbage from lunch for disposal at home. An added bonus of this program, parents from other schools have told us, is that you are able to monitor what your child is eating (or not eating) from the lunch that you are providing.

Thanks for your support in making our school community a better place to be.

Douglas Park - Tradition and Innovation

The original Douglas Park School building opened adjacent to our present site over 50 years ago. Today Douglas Park is a structurally and pedagogically innovative school community housed in a brand new building with over 430 students in PreKindgerarten to Grade 8.



Volunteers play a huge role in the smooth operation of the school and its many initiatives. Parents and others work in the resource centre, read with students, help with craft projects, accompany classes on field trips and assist with sports teams and special events.

Regina Public Schools has a policy that all volunteers must get a cleared Police Information Check (PIC) at their local police station prior to any volunteering in the school.  Please obtain your PIC as soon as possible since the process can be delayed at times.  Please find attached two required documents:  1) the letter that you take to the Police Station indicating your request is for volunteering and 2) a form that must be signed and returned to the school to be kept on file. Thank you for your cooperation!

Together, parents and staff play an active role in providing meaningful educational opportunities for our students.



Our Douglas Park Community

Douglas Park Elementary School has served the southeast part of Regina since 1956. The community is attractive with affordable, well-maintained housing in the immediate area of the school. Recent statistics show that younger families are moving into homes previously occupied by senior citizens. Currently, there are approximately 460 students enrolled at Douglas Park School, which draws students from the Gladmer Park, Arnheim Place, Assiniboia East and Dominion Heights subdivisions of the city.

Community support for student achievement, staff members, and programs has been an ongoing tradition at Douglas Park. Parents and community volunteers have played an active role to provide support for students and staff. The School Community Council is actively involved in the school.

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