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Student Registration

If you wish to register your child, please visit this Regina Public Schools link:

Print and fill out the appropriate forms.  Then take the forms to the area elementary school OR deliver it to the Regina Public Schools Division Office at 1600 - 4th Avenue.

School Community Council (SCC)

Thank you to the many parents who  have joined the Douglas Park School Community Council (SCC). Our meeting and AGM will be on May 10th at 6:30 PM.  We hope to see you there!

School Calendars

Please follow the Calendars link to Regina Public Schools webpage for more information on the current and upcoming school year's calendar.



Transportation of Students in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Transportation Procedures

If the wind chill is –45C or higher at 7:00 a.m., all student transportation will be cancelled.

If the wind chill is –40C or higher at 7:00 a.m., transportation for students requiring vehicles equipped with lifts (for students in wheelchairs) will be cancelled.

All schools will remain open, unless otherwise notified.

In the event of any cold weather/wind chill cancellations, parents will be notified by school connects telephone or text notification system.

In the event of a transportation system-wide transportation cancellation or school closure due to weather, all local Regina TV, newspaper and radio outlets will broadcast this information both on the web and on the air.

Information will also be tweeted by @RegPublicSchool, and announced at in the Important Announcement section.

SchoolConnects Messages

Douglas Park School is pleased to announce that we are now able to send announcements via SMS text messaging to your mobile phones. If you would like to receive these announcements as text messages, please do the following:

  1. Ensure your school has your cell phone number on file.  If the school did not have your cell phone number on file and added it recently, wait at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.
  2. From your cell phone, text the word “Join” to the number 56360.  If our messaging system finds a match for your number in its database, you receive a confirmation message thanking you for joining school alerts.  At any time, you can unsubscribe by texting “Stop” to 56360.
  3. Create a contact on your phone with the name of your school or school district (if you have children in multiple schools in the district), or another meaningful name, and the phone number 56360. Then when you receive a text from this number, you know who is sending it.

The purposes of SchoolConnects use are for:

  1. Emergency Notification
  2. School day disruptions (program or service cancellations/changes, early closures, other operational problems)
  3. Future school day or event disruptions/cancellations (no school, early release, etc.)

Thank you.


Pearson Saskatchewan Portal

Pearson Saskatchewan Portal

Regina Public Schools would like to announce the continued purchase of e-text resources available through Pearson Saskatchewan Portal as a support for Grades 4-9 students. E-Text resources are easy-to-use and can be accessed anytime and anywhere internet is available whether using a personal computer (MAC or PC) or other device providing the appropriate Pearson e-Text app has been downloaded (iPad and Android). E-Text resources available for Grades 4-9 students include:

- Literacy in Action Grades 7-8 and Live Ink Grade 9

- Mathématiques WNCP/Math Makes Sense Grades 4-9

- Pearson Science Grades 4-9

- Saskatchewan Social Studies Grades 4 -7 and Pathways Grade 9

To support accessing Pearson Saskatchewan Portal resources, each student in Grades 4-9 is provided with a username and password and receives instruction regarding where and how to login and access e-text resources available. In support of learning at home, parents/guardians of students in Grades 4-9 are asked to record student username and password at home to enable home access.

School Cash Online - payments for school events, fees and so forth

Online payment now available!

Save time and eliminate the need for students to carry cash or cheques to school.

Regina Public Schools now offers School Cash Online.

Read more details about how to register here, or click the School Cash Online icon on this website.

Please see the attached PDF with more information.


Find Schools Near Your Home

Regina Public Schools encourages students to attend schools that are closest to their homes. Some elementary schools and collegiates do not accept registration from out-of-area students. What school is closest to your home? Please follow the link below to find your school. 

Find the school nearest you

For more detailed information



Newcomer Welcome Centre for EAL Students

Regina Public Schools offers a variety of supports to help students whose first language is other than English. Please see the Newcomer Welcome Centre link for more information about English as an Additional Language (EAL).

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