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Tuesday, May 9th

Today I had a math assessment. I was prepared/unprepared.

Pitch Pages are due tomorrow. Genius Hour Work Period Tomorrow.

Science- Writing a recount (graphic organizer, rough drafts with edits and good copy) due Wednesday, May 26.

Paper bag book has started. Be done reading book by first week of June.

Science booklet due and assessment- Friday, June 2nd.

Genius Hour work periods May 10th, May 17th, May 26th, June 2nd, June 12th.

Week 1: May 3rd- May 10th: Finish Pitch Pages

Week 2: May 10th-May 17th

Week 3: May 17th-May 26th

Week 4: May 26th- June 2nd

Week 5: June 2nd- June 12th

Week 6: June 12th- June 19th- Finishing Touches and Getting Ready to Present

Genius Hour projects and presentations will start the week of June 19th.