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Learning Resource

The Role of the Learning Resource Program

The Learning Resource teacher works as part of a school-based team to assess, plan and provide appropriate learning experiences for referred students who are experiencing academic difficulty within the classroom.

The Learning Resource Program provides selected students who are requiring extra assistance with opportunities to:

  • receive additional small group instruction
  • improve skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • improve skills in mathematics
  • develop learning strategies
  • enhance self esteem
  • develop a sense of personal responsibility

Web Resources


1. timezattack This is a free download game for practicing multiplication.

2. math browser - This site is a math search engine. Use the browser on the top right hand corner of the page to select the appropriate math grade, math skill and computer format to find several websites that are appropriate for the skill you want to develop.

3. math games and online practise

4. Virtual manipulative A variety of instructional games and sites for comparing fractions, using a protractor, worksheets, progamming etc.

5. math work sheet Make worksheets and answer sheets for students to review math skills.

6. Mathplayground Games, manipulatives and word problems.


1. emergent reading practice Starfall is a website for beginning readers. It teaches letter names and sounds and provides motivating games  that         encourage children to read.

2. reading games

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