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April 5

  • Tomorrow morning we will be showing the movies to go along with the grade 6 novels. The novels are:
    • The Giver
    • The Face on the Milk Carton
    • Harry Potter
    • The Bridge to Tarabithia
    • The Lorax
      •  students may bring a healthy snack
  • Grade 6 Math - finish the two sections we worked on
  • Grade 7 Math - finish 6.1 questions
  • Health - scrapbook title page





April 4th

-Novel should be finished

-New units started in math

-choir at lunch tomorrow

-Edo Japan orders online -

March 24

- No school tomorrow, or next week. Return on April 4th

-Novel to be finished by April 4th

-Writing on "issue" should be done and ready to edit by April 4th

-Scrapbook should be complete up to health by April 4th

-Grade 6 - return Math test on April 4th

-Cast at 8 on Monday, April 4th

-Choir - practice your songs

March 23

-Phys. Ed tomorrow

-Math for grade seven - assessments

-TCBY tomorrow

-Grade seven - 45 minutes to work on journal

-Student vs teachers tomorrow

-writing assembly tomorrow


March 22

-There is no school on Friday, March 25th or the week after. Return on April 4th

-Novels finished by April 4th

-"Issue" writing piece drafted by the April 4 (only need editing and revising)

-Grade Seven Science journal #4 due tomorrow

-Full band tomorrow

-Grade 6 Science - scrapbook pages completed up to Bill Nye page

-Speed Stacking tomorrow

-All math assessments must be done by March 24th

-Scrapbook should be completely finished for Social and Science by April 4th

-Basketball tournament tomorrow for the girls

-Basketball windup on Thursday. Student vs. Staff game on Thursday at 2:30

-Art stencils done by Thursday, March 24

-No word work this week

March 17 - Happy St Patrick's Day

-Report Cards go home today

-Conferences on Monday, No school for students

-Grade 6 - Unit test on Tuesday

-Spelling and Vocab Test tomorrow

-BAnd sectionals tomorrow


March 16

-Wear gold and GREEN tomorrow

-Report cards on Thursday

-Conference notes needed back


March 15

-Bring back conference note

-Full band in afternoon

-Ensemble rehearsal at 10:30 recess

-St. Patrick's day on Thursday - wear green and gold

-Report cards go home on Thursday

-Conferences on Monday so no school for kids

-Grade 6 - Math up to #4

March 8

-Band tomorrow for grade 6

-phys ed tomorrow

-assembly at 2:30 tomorrow

-cast at 8

-Science jornal due tomorrow

-speed stacking tomorrow at noon


March 7

-scrapbook - social sections to be completed

-no school on Thursday or Friday

-Assembly on Wednesday

-Report cards go home on the 17th

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