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melinda.dawe's blog

April 19

-no school for students on Friday

-Phys Ed tomorrow

-finish practicing presentations tomorrow

-Show What You Know on the 21st 9:15-10:30

-Everything due on the 21st

-Afternoon of the 21st we are going outside till 2:15

-Cast tomrrow morning

-hyena practice at 10:30

-intramurals canceled for Thursday

April 18

-note going home about school boundary changes

-presentations should be ready to go by tomorrow.

-no school for students on Friday

-Show What You Know on April 21st 9:15-10:30

-Everything due by the 21st

-Presentation by John Chick at 2:30 tomorrow

-Choir at lunch tomorrow

-Band sectionals for grade 7s tomorrow

-Grade 6 should have all sections finished for lesson 4 by tomorrow


April 15

-band on Monday

-Gym on Monday

-Everything due on April 21

-Formal day on April 29th

-Presentations due Tuesday

-Show what you know on April 21st at 9:15

April 14

-WordWork due tomorrow

-Spelling and Vocab test tomorrow

-Phys. Ed. tomorrow morning

-Last day to finish Health tomorrow (45 min)

-Edo Japan Lunch for those who ordered tomorrow

TCBY tomorro


April 13

-Full band tomorrow

-Choir at lunch

-WW and Spelling and Vocab on Friday

-Lion King last hour tomorrow

-Everything due on April 21st

-Intramurals tomorrow


April 12

Speed stacking tomorrow

Everything is due on April 21st

Phys Ed tomorrow

Hyena practice tomorrow at 10:30 recess

Edo Japan lunch on Friday

-WW and Spelling and Vocab on Friday


April 11

-Ensemble at lunch

-Grade 6 - Math Assesment due tomorrow

-Grade 7 - Math Assessment will be started tomorrow

April 8

-"Issue" writing should be finished by Monday

-Finish scrapbook pages including Malaria, TB, and AIDs/HIV

-WW due in one week on Friday


April 7

-Edo Japan orders due tomorrow

-Phys Ed tomorrow

-Wear blue for Autism awareness day tomorrow

-Helath - HIV/Aids, Malaria, and TB scrapbook pages due on Monday

April 6

- Full band tomorrow

-TCBY tomorrow

-Choir tomorrow

-Edo Japan lunch forms - online

-Wear blue on Friday for Autism awareness day


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