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June 21

Happy National Aboriginal Day

-Show What You Know tomorrow from 9-10:30.

-2 health reflections due tomorrow

-4 art drawings due tomorrow

-novel recount due tomorrow

-Scrapbook due tomorrow

-ICE CREAM party tomorrow - bring toppings

-Phys. Ed tomorrow


June 20

-Grade 7 Math - Pg. 322-324 #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

-Reflection for Health Goals - will get time to work on them tomorrow

-Show What You Know on Wednesday - EVERYTHING is due by 9am


June 7

-Track and Field tomorrow at School - wear sunscreen, bring water, sunscreen, bugspray, hat, snack

-Lunch will be inside

-Donation for JDRF - walk on Thursday wear blue

-Bring swimming money and forms

-80s day on Friday with Dance in the PM

-Can only go to dance if work is done

June 6

-Track on Wednesday - it is going to be hot. Wear a hat, sunscreen, bugspray, and bring extra water.

-Phys. Ed tomorrow

-Bring back swimming notes

-Bring donation for JDRF

-Bring costume for French tomorrow


June 3

-All science finished and in scrapbook

-novel - finish

-french supplies for play  - bring Monday

-Swimming forms

-BBQ forms

-last day to order pizza hut

June 2

-Bring $2 donation for JDRF - going on walk on the 9th

-Spelling and Vocab test tomorrow

-Track and Field on June 8th

-80s day on June 10th

-LC3 dance in the PM on June 10th


June 1

-Phys Ed. tomorrow from 9-10:30 - bring water bottle, hat, sunscreen

-Grade 6 - Science - should have first plant adaptation sheet done by Friday

-Spelling and Vocab test on Friday

May 31

-Thursday - phys outside from 9-10:30 - wear sunscreen, bring a hat, bring a waterbottle, etc.

-Science - grade 6 - animal adaptaion pages due tomorrow

-Science - grade 7 - time to finish journal tomorrow, but should work on it

-Math - Grade 6 - all assessments done up to 6.8

-Math - Grade 7 - MWS and MOMO due tomorrow


-bring donation for JDRF walk

May 30, 2016

-Grade 6 - Science Invertebrates and Vertebrates scrapbook pages finished

-Grade 7 - Journal #1 Science was due today

-Spelling and Vocab test on Friday

-Lion King Singing at lunch

-Grade 6 full band tomorrow for rehearsal

-ROAR - wednesday morning

-Phys. Ed. tomorrow

May 26th

-Smartie day - Dress up in your house colors

-Assembly tomorrow - last hour

-Phys. Ed. tomorrow

-Cast and choir lunch tomorrow

-Terrariums tomorrow


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