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September 20

-Note going home

-phys. ed. tomorrow

-grade 7 math - your section done today

-action plans are due tomorrow - start working on them tomorrow

September 20

-Art Ed first thing

-Word Work - to be handed in on Friday

-Grade 7 - full band tomorrow

-Grade 6 - math for lesson 3 due tomorow

September 16th

-phys ed first thing Monday morning

-grade 6 social #1-7

-grade 7 - social - scrapbook

-Grade 6 - math due Tuesday

-Grade 7 - math due Monday

September 15

-tomorrow is picture day

-grade 6 band starts tomorrow

-social - journal #1 should be handed in - scrapbook page can be worked on


September 13

-Open house tomorrow from 6-7

-bring forms back (severe weather)

-phys ed tomorrow

-boys volleyball today after school and tomorrow morning at 7:30am, and a game on away game on Thursday

-girls volleyball practice tomorrow

-grade 7 math - momo and mws lesson 2 need to be done


September 12

-arts ed tomorrow morning

-notes going home

-open house on Wednesday


September 9th

-new note going home for emergency evacuation


-girls volleyball practice on Monday

-boys volleyball practice on Tuesday

-Band next Friday

-Pictures next Friday

-Phys Ed on Monday

September 6

-notes going home

-phys. ed  tomorrow - bring gym clothes

-boys volleyball tryout tomorrow

-ideas for learning and 'to do' goal

-school pictures on 16th

-band starts on Friday for grade 6

September 2

-no school Monday

-hand in index cards

-volleyball tryouts - girls on Tuesday, boys on Wednesday

-Cross country meeting on Tuesday, starts at lunch on Wednesday

-bring a book or magazine to read

September 1

-phys ed tomorrow - bring gym clothes

-note going home - devices

-pearson textbooks - login information

-parents homework #1 - one index card - their email

-parents homework #2 - second index card - 5 things about you


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